Important Information About Employment Law

Everyone must work a job to pay bills and maintain livelihood but sometimes, things go astray with your employer. There are many acts that may result in the need for an employment law attorney orlando fl when things go sour with the employer. A disagreement does not give an employer the right to commit illegal acts. Here are a few important employment law facts important to know.

·    Being terminated from a job may be unfair, but that doesn’t make it illegal. Most employees work on an ‘at will’ basis, giving them the right to quit employment at any time, with or without cause. Employers also have that same right.

·    An employer cannot terminate you due to race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, disability, medical conditions, marital status or your age. If you’ve been terminated due to one of these factors, you need a lawyer.

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·    If you have accumulated vacation time and employment ends, you do not lose that time. You are entitled to unused vacation pay.

·    When providing a reference about you to another company, an employer may say negative information about you, but may not say anything that is false. Most employers choose to avoid giving information aside from dates of employment since there is a thin line between what’s legal and illegal to say.

·    Family medical leave law allows you up to 12 weeks unpaid medical leave with the right to return to work after giving birth, to care for partners or yourself with serious health conditions, etc.

Learning more information about employment laws can only benefit you as an employee. The above information provides just a few important facts that every employee should know upon starting employment. Make sure to keep the law on your side and stay informed!